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one of my girlfriends has 5 big dogs, and one day she approached me with a propositition. She bet me $250 dollars i couldnt handle all five dogs in one night!I said it was going to be easy. She said we were going to start slowly, she leaned over and unbuttoned my pants, and slowly pulled them off. I just sat back and waited to for the fun to begin. She begin licking me through my panties, soon they had become soaked with my juices and hers, she ripped them off and licked and sucked my clit, i tore off my shirt. At this time the dogs were getting restless in the other room. So my friend slowly turned me into the position and brought in her first doggy. Upon sniffing the air, he ran toward me, i looked between my breasts to see his legs, and the licking began.At first it was slow, then it increased ten fold. It was wonderful feeling that nice coarse tongue all over my clit. Suddenly i felt these claws on my back and then his prick was poking my ass, i could tell he was going to be a warm up. He found his mark after a while. He slowly thrust himself in, and then bang, it was like a light exploded in my head, he was in all the way, and that beautiful dog was going for the gold. I was being rocked back and forth, annd with each thrust exstacy filled my body. He was expanding rapidly, and it was wonderful. I began to feel this wave of energy build up and then i was slammed with nirvana as i found myself having a wonderful orgasm. It was then that i felt his juices inside me and i was in pure pleasure. After about 10 minutes he slipped out, and my friend was there licking me clean. I could barely move, let alone talk. I managed to say, 1 done 4 to go, she just smiled and kissed my clit. 4 more stories to go
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