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************Heather & HoratioF/k9; F/F; domme/sub; F/F/k9NOTE:This story is a product of my "inventive & creative mind" with much inspiration and guidance from Madame.I am still woefully ignorant of, but willingly taking instruction in, the world of bdsm.Any and all errors are mine alone and should not reflect poorly on Madame.******College is supposed to change your life. It's a transition period between childhood and adulthood; between who were and who will be-An opportunity to learn, to experiment, to discover and explore. My world view shifted second semester, freshman year, right before spring break. This is my story. The names have been changed to protect everyone.My name is Heather. I am 18 and an undecided freshman at State. As my hometown is about 3 hours away, I live in the dorms. I can't wait to be an upperclassman and live of-campus. I am taking all prerequisites this year: freshman English, Geometry 101, Physical Education Biology and Economics 101. My mom's best friend is Frances O'Malley, the English departments secretary. Once or twice a month I house & dog sit for Aunt Fran. She has a 5 year old Brittany Spaniel named Freckles.It was the first Saturday of spring break. Aunt Fran had taken off last night to visit Mom and I was house/dog sitting. I had the place and nearly the town to myself. It seemed like everyone was heading to the beaches of Florida or Cancun or skiing in Colorado or Vermont. I hadn't really clicked with any particular group or significant other. So house/dog sitting would earn me some cash and not cost me anything. Additionally I had the run of the house and yard for 6 whole days. I had a wonderful Friday night at Aunt Fran's house. While Aunt Fran was packing and showering Freckles and I had a great time throwing his ball for him to fetch, romping and wrestling across the yard...generally burning off excess energy. As soon as she pulled out of the driveway, I had the tunes turned up, called in a pizza order and was surfing some of my favorite websites. After finishing the pizza without Aunt Fran returning for some critically important item that she just couldn't live without, I switched over to some of the porn sites I like. Beast Forum and [CENSOR] Taboo Forum aren't in my favorites but I have the URLs memorized! In no time at all I was catching up on the newly posted stories, clips and images. I really like the pony and horse stuff as I haven't tried that...YET. I also drooled over the Great Danes and Rottweilers. Those dogs are HUNG! I was quickly becoming feverishly aroused. With the doors securely locked and Aunt Fran gone for the next 6 days I felt safe enough to prepare for some fun.I went to the spare bedroom and got an extra blanket that I placed in the middle of the living room rug. I set my laptop on the carpet on top of the blanket and then proceeded to strip. I love being naked but can't really do so in the dorms. Settling in on the blanket brought goose bumps to my flesh: the vellux was fuzzily soft and quite stimulating; it was so naughty to be naked in Aunt Fran's house; and the mini stallion clips...OMG!As I awaited another clip to download, I slowly rocked myself back & forth on the blanket-not quite frigging myself but keeping up the stimulation of my breasts. In no time what so ever my pussy was dripping. Freckles awoke in the other room and wandered in. His sensitive nose quickly zeroed in on oozing snatch and in a heart beat he was lying on his belly behind me licking my gash. Can you tell we've done this before? MMMMMMMMM I love his tongue. It's so rough and warm, much warmer than a human's. I spread my knees wide and he licks me top to bottom. I'm so excited that it really only takes a couple swipes of his lovely tongue before I'm having my first orgasm.MMMMMMM Fantastic!But I really need more. I need to be filled. I need to be f*****! I glance behind me and Freckles is sporting a nice little 5.5 inch hard on. Not as much as I need or even want but its here and it's hard and it's leaking delicious dog goo! Leaving my forearms and chest on the blanket, I raise my ass and present myself for his pleasure. Freckles quickly mounts and begins thrusting. His red hot poker is bouncing all over the place, occasionally hitting my clit for a wonderful burst of pleasure, but not often enough!I reach behind me, grasp his slick prick (it's so hot) and guide it into my dripping cunt. MMMMMM Heaven! Freckles resets his feet and begins to jackhammer me. I adjust my angle so he can penetrate as deeply as possible. God I love this! His cock is pistoning in & out; jets of doggy cum are hosing my cunt, his rough paw pads are clutching my waist, and his doggy drool is dripping onto my slick and overheated skin. A couple more rapid thrusts, another shifting of his feet and then I feel his nectarine sized knot. That's what I need! Freckles may not have the length I crave but his knot provides a wonderful girth. Once last massive thrust and his knot is in. we're tied. Just knowing that we can't separate now, that if anyone were to walk in, we'd be discovered is enough to send me over the edge. I'm CUUUUMMMIINNNGGG. The first of 3 or 4 orgasms for the night.* * * * *Late the next morning I awaken naked and cuddled with Freckles on the blanket in the living room. As I give a good stretch to start my day I become aware of scratches along my rib cage and thighs- I had forgotten to put any protection between my tender skin and Freckles paws. It's a good thing I have 6 full days to heal before sharing a shower room with dozens of curious souls.I throw the blanket in the wash, hop in the shower, apply some antibiotic cream and then grab some cold pizza for breakfast. The Weather Channel reports an unseasonably warm day for Springfield it's going to be right around 80, while most of Gulf Coast can expect rain and 65. Snicker. I KNEW staying in town was a good choice!I decide to work on my tan. This is my opportunity to get an all over tanning without having to pay for it. After slathering on the sunscreen, I grab the laptop, a beach towel, whistle for Freckles and head outside. It's glorious out. The sun is bright & warm. There are birds singing and dogs barking-is that Horatio, the Rotweiler next door? I'm glad Aunt Fran has a 6 foot wooden privacy fence! The breeze caresses my bare skin. I throw Freckles ball and he races back & forth across the yard, barking his head off and "grinning" at me. Eventually he settles down to sniff and mark his turf and I set up my beach towel and laptop.In no time what so ever, I'm deeply involved in a hot beasty story. I start getting excited and my pussy begins to drip. I reach beneath me and begin to rub & pinch my swollen clit. Not enough stimulation to get me off but just a little something to enhance my enjoyment of the story. When I finish that story I decide to step it up a notch. I open up the mini stallion clips from the night before and set them to play in a loop. Those clips are awesome. The cock is good sized not huge but the force those lil guys use!!!! You can see the sluts rock with every thrust and when the pony cums it seems like gallons of horse juice just explode from those abused pussies!Okay my hand isn't going to cut it. I need a stiff cock to fill me now. One piercing whistle and Freckles comes running. As he approaches, his nose begins to twitch and he seems to accelerate. Like a heat seeking missile his nose heads straight to my drenched cunt. As he licks and slurps I stroke his furry sheath, speeding his prick to full size. As soon as he's fully extended, I flip over to my hand & knees and beg him to mount.He climbs atop my back and begins to thrust. Damn that hurts! He's hitting my tight virgin asshole! That's NOT happening! I reach behind and grasp his oozing rod. It twitches and pulses as I guide it to my aching cunt. As soon as he feels the moist heat rolling off my pussy he slams forward. Bulls eye! We both shift and set our feet and it's off to the races! He's quickly thrusting in and out, his tags jingling wildly. I'm moaning and panting. What a rush! Totally taboo: sex outside; in the daylight; with a dog. All the "naughtines"naughtiness" has me cumming in just a few strokes. My shout of "FUUUUCCKKK" causes a loud barking to commence on the other side of the fence-Dr. Winters (my econ professor) Rotweiler, Horatio. Freckles sensing his audience and reveling in the fact that his cock is buried in a bitches grasping cunt while the rotty howls in frustration, adjusts his hind feet and drives his knot home. Were tied.Freckles slows and lessens his strokes as his prick hoses my steaming cunt. A couple more slower strokes and he rests his weight on my sweaty back. His drool drips and seems to scald my skin. Even over our combined panting I Hear a whining and whimpering from across the fence. Freckles steps over my back and we're now ass to ass. He decides to wander closer to the fence and begins walking. OUCH! Were still attached in the most sensitive way. I quickly begin to scramble backwards to relieve the pulling on my abused cunt. When he reaches the fence, Freckles "woofs""woofs" and Horatio barks. I can hear Horatio sniffing the air and pawing at the dirt. Freckles seems to enjoy the situation. He turns, remounts and begins to POUND my pussy. His aggressiveness is exciting and I'm quickly panting and moaning as another orgasm approaches. Distantly I hear the familiar voice of Dr. Winters "Horatio! What are you up to? " Freckles resets his feet and his thrusts come faster! My breath hitches I'm about to cum, I hear something hit the fence and then"OH! That's what has you going Horatio. Good afternoon Heather!"FFFFUUUUCCCKKKK!We're busted!Caught!Seen!Watched!I begin to cum like I never have cum before! I see stars. I see rockets. I hear bells, whistles, kazoos and cymbals! I feel my body flush from head to toe. Its wrong but it feels goooood!"Quite the show you're putting on. You like being watched as Freckles fucks you, don't you Heather? You enjoyed last nights fucking in front of the patio doors but you're really getting off on me standing right here, watching Freckles pounds and pant as you cum and cum."She's right. She is so very right! I'm totally getting off on being watched doing something so naughty, so taboo!"Rissa! Come here and watch a dog slut enjoy her work.""Yes Madame""Heather you won't mind if Rissa picks up a few pointers from you, will you?"Freckles has stopped pounding but is continuing to flood my cunt with what seems like gallons of puppy making juice."Rissa, see even though Freckles has stopped pumping, he continues to ejaculate.Notice that the knot is still too large to extract.They're tied.Now Freckles is a rather small dog.His knot isn't much larger than a lemon.Horatio is much larger.His knot will be more the size of a large orange or possibly a small grapefruit."Freckles steps over my back and away from me. This time rather than an excruciating painful pulling sensation I feel a plop and feel a flood of dog goo drench my quivering thighs."Rissa see how stretched Heather's pussy is? She is easily as dilated as you are when I start to fist you. you will have no problems accommodating Horatio.""Heather you will come to dinner tonight at 7:00. Dress is casual. We'll discuss your training of Rissa and Horatio. Don't disappoint me. I would hate to show your dear Aunt Fran the video we shot of last night's performance in front of the patio doors!""Come Rissa. The show is over. For now"TBC TBC TBC
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