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I was cruising along the highway enjoying the scenery when I heard thetearing of metal and a clunk that shook the car. I looked in the rearviewmirror to see my tailpipe and resonator tumbling down the highway. Iimmediately pulled over to the shoulder and put on my emergency flashers.I could see the parts lying in the middle of the right lane with carsveering to avoid hitting it. I decided that I'd better hike back and pickup or move the debris before someone had an accident. I left the car andstarted walking back the half mile or so. It was warm and sunny and I waswearing shorts and an A shirt, the type teenagers call a "wife beater". Iwork out and at 6'1'' and 200 lbs.; I guess you could say that I'm inpretty good shape. I slipped off my shirt and stuck it in the back of mypants so I could work on my tan as I walked. I was sweating so my tannedphysique glistened as the sun beat down on my back. I looked up and saw astate trooper coming towards me. When he came within a hundred yards hislights came on and he pulled over to the shoulder. He stopped next to meand rolled down the passenger side window. I leaned in and rested my armson the door, and when I saw that hunk of a trooper looking back at me, Iinstinctively sucked in my abs. His was a "canine unit" with a caged backseat and a beautiful male German Shepard that was watching me with a waryeye. He got up and turned in the seat so I saw that he wasn't neutered. Amillion thoughts raced through my head about the trooper and the dog. "Isthere a problem sir?", he asked as he looked at me over his mirroredaviators. In the split seconds it took for me to answer, I sized up theman in the tight fitting trooper uniform. I guessed him to beapproximately 24 years old, a rookie I thought. He was blond with piercingblue eyes, and arms that appeared to be ready to burst out of the shortsleeves they were asked to fit into. His biceps bulged as he gripped thesteering wheel, and the large vein on each muscle made it clear that therewas very little body fat on this boy. His forearms were thick and sinewy,a sign that he was a serious weight lifter. His fitted khaki shirt lookedas though it was spray painted on a torso that had the classic "V" shape ofa bodybuilder. His neck tie with it's perfect knot lay smartly against hisprominent chest, then straight down in midair because his tight abs suckedin to a very trim waist. The tip of his tie pointed to a buldge in hiscrotch that gave me a tingle. His tight, dark brown slacks had a goldsatin stripe that followed his muscled legs down into shiney, black leatherboots. He wore a shoulder holster that cradled a 9mm pistol, and I suspecthe would not hesitate to use it. His blond hair was buzzed close aroundhis ears, and the rest was hidden under his Smokey Bear hat. I suspected amop of curls under the brown hat with the leather strap that ran downbehind his ears to his thick neck.I explained what happened and what I was preparing to do. He said, "You'dbetter get in. It's dangerous to walk along the highway. I'll drive youthere". I opened the door and jumped into the front seat. All the policegadgetry was positioned between the trooper and me. "I need to reportwho's in the patrol car with me, so I'll need to see your driver'slicense", he said. I handed it to him and saw him crack a little smile."Is there a problem officer", I asked. He responded, "This picture doesn'tdo you justice. You're better looking than this". I could feel myselfblush after he said it. I thought, why am I blushing because another mantold me I look good? What's wrong with that? He proceeded to call in myname and license number, and in the corner of my eye I could see himglancing back at me periodically as I nervously looked straight ahead. Ithink he was checking me out. After he finished, he put on his lights andsaid, "OK, let's go see if we can find your muffler". He pulled out andfloored the big Crown Vic patrol car saying, "I need to get to the turnaround so I won't have to cross the grass median". It was a rush racingdown the interstate at about 85 mph with the lights flashing and this Greekgod driving the car. He started conversing with me. "I was sitting uphere clocking speeders when I saw you pull over". "I didn't come overright away because I thought you may have stopped to use your cell phone"."I decided to see if I could help when I saw you start walking", he said.I noticed a pair of high powered binoculars in the car, so I wonder if hechecked me out before he decided to come and pick me up. I imagined himwatching me peel my shirt off and started to get an erection. I put myshirt in my lap and started to feel a little self conscious about my nakedupper body. We found the tailpipe and muffler, flattened like a pancake bya semi and lying off on the shoulder. "It's out of traffic, so I'll justcall the highway department and have them pick it up", said the trooper. Iwondered what I was going to do with that dirty piece of metal anyway. Iresponded, "That's great officer, I appreciate your help". He took off hissunglasses and we immediately made eye contact. He reached over and heldmy driver's license picture next to my face and said, "Yes, you really lookbetter in person"; those DMV cameras are crap". I blushed big time andsaid, "I, um, I, uh, never had a policeman tell me I looked good, officer"."I'm serious man, you obviously work out and care about your body, and itshows", he said. "Don't you think he looks good, Sarge?", he said to thedog. The dog barked a muffled bark as if answering the officer. My facemust have beem as red as a tomato at this point. "Does it bother you tohear that, sir?", he asked. "It does make me feel a little weird,officer", I responded. "He put his had on my left leg and said, "Don't, Imean it as a compliment, I don't want you to feel embarrassed by it", hesaid warmly. "OK, I guess", is all I could think of saying. His pinkyfinger brushed against the head of my throbbing cock which was trapped inmy shorts but peeking out past the shirt that was in my lap. He didn't saya word as it jumped, but I knew he felt it. He drew his hand away and putthe Crown Vic in gear, mashed the accelerator and sped down the highway.He didn't say a word as he sped past my car. "Um, officer. That's mycar", I said. "Yes sir, I know", he responded. "I'm taking you to thetruck weigh station so you can use the bathroom", he said casually. Idon't know how he knew, but I had to piss like a racehorse, especially whenhe mentioned "bathroom". He pulled the squad car into the weigh stationpast the barricades; it was obvious that it was closed for repairs. Heopened his door and came around the front of the car to open my door, whichobviously doesn't open from inside when there's a "perp" in the car. Ididn't consider myself a "perp", but I didn't question it. He came aroundand stood in front of the passenger door. His "package" was just about eyelevel to me, and it was clear that he was sporting a dandy hard-on. Hiscock was clearly defined in his tight polyester slacks. He opened the doorand grabbed my right arm, helping me out of the car. He must have been6'4'' because I found myself looking up at him. He led me to the door,pulled out a key, and opened it. "The head's to the right, sir", he said.I went in, pulled out my semi-hard cock and took a long piss. I finishedand came out the door. I found the officer standing at attention with"Sarge" at his side, the dog's tongue was hanging out as he panted. "Ineed to get Sarge some water, sir", he said. He told the dog to stay anddropped the leash. He then filled a dog dish with cool water and broughtit back for the dog. After he put the bowl down on the floor he said,"When he's through, I'll need to check you for illegal drugs, sir". "Oh,OK", I responded, not worried because I knew I had nothing to hide. Thedog finished and sat next to his master. "OK, sir, Sarge is going to gothrough his routine; don't be alarmed, he won't hurt you", said theofficer. I love dogs and had no fear of this one. The trooper gave somehand commands and the dog proceeded to circle me sniffing the air. Hestuck his nose in my crotch and sniffed then walked around and buried hisnose in my ass. When the dog finished, the trooper said, "Sir, I'll needto have you disrobe completely", as he snapped on a pair of latex gloves.Now I started to get nervous. There I was in an abandoned weigh stationwith a god of a man and a huge, unfixed German Shepard; I had so many hornythoughts I didn't think I could resist getting an erection. I slipped myshirt off, dropped my shorts and stood there in my boxer briefs."Everything, sir", he said. As the dog looked at me, I dropped my shortsand stood there stark naked in front of them. My cock was still semi hardbut the head was still covered by my foreskin. The trooper came over to meand told me to stand facing the wall with my palms flat against it and mylegs spread. He took out a tube of KY and lubed two fingers of his righthand. He put his left hand on my left shoulder and placed two fingers intomy anus. I clenched my eyes shut and tried not to think about what washappening to me, but my cock had other ideas. He circled his fingersaround my sphincter, relaxing it as he did so. Suddenly he took his lefthand away and started to feel the area around my scrotum. My cock wassticking nearly straight up and throbbing when I said, "I'm sorry officer,I'm not used to this". He said nothing, then put his hand around my dickand pulled my foreskin back, exposing the purple head. "Sir, I'll have toask you to get down on your hands and knees for the next stage of thesearch", he said. I was too embarassed to challenge anything he did orsaid, so I obediently got down on the floor facing the wall. I could seethe officer's reflection in the mirror I was facing, and saw more handsignals. The dog responded by walking over to me and burying his nose inmy ass crack. I figured he was doing another sniff search when all of asudden he mounted my back and wrapped his front legs around my waist. Iimmediately looked in the mirror to see the trooper's reaction, and saw himtaking off his shirt and tie. I was mesmerized by the perfection of hisphysique and hardly noticed that that dog was now feverishly pumping awaytrying to find my asshole. I closed my eyes, knowing what was to happennext. The dog found his mark and plunged his huge "canine unit" deep intomy ass. He was thick and long, and as I remember, very hot. A dog'stemperature runs over 100 degrees so it was like a hot poker was beingpushed into me. "Are you OK with this, sir?", the trooper asked. Iimmediately groaned, "Yes, officer, I am". I secretly wanted to be fuckedby a dog and couldn't believe this was happening to me. The animal wentinto some sort of mating trance and pumped me hard. The speed of histhrusts and the depth of his penetration were amazing. I've never hadanything bigger than an enema tube in me, so being mounted and humped by abig German Shepard was an awesome feeling. I opened my eyes when I feltthe trooper caressing my head. I looked up and saw a completely naked man,with a body right out of Flex Magazine, smiling and stroking my head."Sarge needed this, thanks for helping him out, Sir", he said. I lookeddown and saw his cock rising up to greet me. It too was uncut, and had agenerous overhang of flesh. The dog continued to pound away at my ass,then I suddenly felt something else trying to get in. His "knot" hadswelled and he was furiously trying to get it past my sphincter. The"knot" is a part of the dog's penis that swells inside the female and locksthem together, thereby ensuring insemination. I wanted all of him, so Iraised my ass higher and relaxed my sphincter enough for it to pop in. Iwas blinded by a sharp pain as I stretched to let it in, but it soonsubsided and I felt more full than I ever had before. I could feel hotspurts of dog cum splashing against my rectum walls. He was unloadingbillions of canine sperm into my guts and it was awesome. The trooper sliddown under me and took my cock into his mouth. I, in turn, had his cockstaring me right in the face. It was thick, long and had very prominentveins meandering through it. I peeled back his foreskin and looked rightat his purple cockhead. I immediately took in the intoxicating smell ofhis smegma, and it made me wild. The dog continued to pump me feverishly,then suddenly stopped and turned. He was "tied" with me, butt to butt.The trooper said, "He'll stand there for about 20 minutes, sir.". He neverstopped calling me "Sir". He then began to suck me like a newborn calf andmade slurping sounds as he pumped my cock with his mouth. His lips weretightly wrapped around my cock so my foreskin was riding back and forthover my cockhead. The feeling of having your own skin gliding over theglans is hard to explain to a guy who's circumsized. As the troopersuckled me, I took his thick meat into my mouth. I found it to be rubberyin texture and full of veins that rippled as it slid in and out of mymouth. His cock throbbed as I sucked him hard. When he blew his load intothe back of my throat I had to immediately swallow the huge volume of cumthat filled me up. His sweet juice slid down my throat as I swallowed eachwave of ejaculate. The sensation of Sarge's cum filling my anus, alongwith the trooper's frantic sucking made me blow my load into his beautifulmouth. I swallowed his cum as I pumped mine into him. He took every dropand licked my cock clean. Soon Sarge's knot went down enough for the dogto disengage his cock from my ass. As he did, his dog juice gushed out ofmy gaping asshole, and streamed down onto the trooper's face. He openedhis mouth and let the dog's jiz fill it, then he swallowed it all. I lethis now limp dick slide out of my mouth as he slid out from under me."Come with me sir", he commanded. I was a bit shaky as I stood up, so thetrooper grabbed me by the arm and led me to the showers at the back of thestation. He turned on the shower and let it run hot, then signaled me toget in. He followed behind me and took the bar of soap that was in thereand began to lather me up. I then took the soap and gently ran my handsover his chisled physique. As I did, my cock began to get hard again.Seeing that, the trooper turned and bent over, spreading his ass cheekswith his hands. I placed my hands on his broad bat wing back and guided mycock into his ass. It was slippery, tight and hot. My cock easily slidinto his rectum, so I began slow, rythmic thrusts. I pumped him gently ashe masterbated in the shower. We both blew our loads and then got dressed.He said nothing as he drove me back with Sarge in the backseat. He stoppedbehind my car, got out and opened the door for me, then grabbed my arm andsaid, "I don't want to catch you speeding along this highway, Sir". Withthat he winked at me and let go of my arm. Well, needless to say, I speeddown that highway on a regular basis, and Sarge is always on duty to doleout punishment when I do.
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