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I'm Elvira. I live in a little cabin in the woods all by myself. It's a warm summer's evening. I have the door open. I'm getting ready for a little pussy-rubbing before turning in for the night. I lie back on my bed, legs hanging over the edge as I stroke my soft little pussy hairs. I'm really relaxed. I hear a deep growl. As I look up I see a pack of 8 wolves standing before me. I'm terrified! I have nowhere to move. As I sit there in terror I notice the Pack Leader is moving slowly toward me - stalking me - watching for any sudden movement. Slowly he gets closer. He stop growling. He begins to take deep breathes, sniffing the air. He sniffs and sniffs, getting closer to my pussy. His warm breath feels wonderful against my pussy lips. He starts putting his nose against my sweet-spot and begins to slowly lick me - little licks at first, progressing to long slurps. It feels incredibly erotic... I'm no longer terrified as I begin to lust for this huge 4-legged animal. He stops slurping me and looks me in the eyes. I look him in the eyes and know what he wants - ME - for his mate! I have my first animal-caused orgasm as I part my legs wide HOPING he'll TAKE me. He straddles me. I slowly raise my arms and stroke his beautiful German Sheperd-like fur. I see a beautiful erection - long and pink, hanging from underneath his powerful body. He draws closer. I lovingly wrap my arms and legs around him as he enters my body. I have a second wild orgasm as he begins humping me - It feels incredibly erotic - as I think to myself that I AM SCREWING AN ANIMAL! I open my mouth as I moan softly from his gentle love-making. He smells my breath and begins licking my lips. His tongue against my mouth makes me even more lustful. I stick my tongue out. We begin to french kiss - I'm FRENCHING a wolf - and SCREWING HIM TOO!!! His tongue begins to slip into my mouth, causing another climax from my already-dripping cunt. A few minutes later he withdraws his tongue from my mouth. His humping turns into quick, jerky motions. I know what's next, He is about to make me HIS tonight. I wrap my arms and legs around him and draw him deep to my chest. He makes one final thrust of his powerful body and I scream YES, YES, YES!!! That's it, baby keep it up, OH PLEASE, OH PLEASE GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR CUM - SHOOT ME UP!!! that's it, baby - CUM IN ME, my 4-legged LOVER - GIVE ME ALL YOUR 4-LEGGED LOVE!!! I feel the warmth of his LOVE as it splashes against my pussy's walls. He collapses into my arms and my legs drop slowly to the floor. I think to myself that I'VE JUST FUCKED AN ANIMAL, and loved EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!! I wonder if - no, I HOPE that he has KNOCKED ME UP! The thought of being pregnant by an animal begins to make me horny again. I slip to the floor. I see his beautiful pink doggie-dick still hanging out - still dripping with our love juices. I begin to stroke it. It goes erect again. The wolf straddles the bed. I slip between his legs and begin to rub his balls and cock. As I stroke it I begin to want it - this time IN MY MOUTH!!! I open my mouth and slip the tip of him into me. IT FEELS WONDERFUL to have his wolf-cock in my mouth. I begin to suck him gently. He begins to whimper softly. This really turns me on and I have another orgasm. I begin to suck him and slurp his succulent cock. He slowly starts HUMPING MY MOUTH!!! I lean against the bed and let him FUCK ME IN THE MOUTH. He starts to make quick, jerky motions again. I know what is about to HAPPEN!!! I tighten my lips around his cock as he shoves it DEEP INTO MY THROAT!!! I feel the warmth of his sticky sperm as it spurts against the back of my mouth, and DRIPS DOWN MY THROAT!!! My body quakes as I cum again. I think to my self "It wasn't enough to SCREW the beast, you had to go and SUCK HIM OFF, too!". He dis-mounts my face. I feel vibrations running through my body. As I return to reality out of my lust-coma I look up to see 7 of my lover's pack-mates. They want to HAVE ME too! Seven more wild, passionate love sessions take place. By morning we're all through. They have accepted me as one of their pack-mates. They make my home their NEW DEN, and me their love-toy. Every night is wolf gang-bang time: they're the gang, and I'm the bang! It's wonderful to have sex with them, and then to curl up together. And, what woman wouldn't love to have 8 fur coats to cuddle with?
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