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This is my second story, I hope you enjoy it!I apologize for any bad writing, grammar, or spelling Enjoy! There are nine parts, please no response until all are posted.Feel free to tell me what you think, and be truthful. I look forward to criticism.Author comments and an epilouge also follow if anyone wants me to post them.*****I’m happy I can get this out in the open after so many years. Here I am, a wealthy unmarried man, about to tell you something no one has known about for ten years. The story begins in 1995, on my personally owned and operated island. I was 25 then, and had inherited the island from my father, an oil tycoon. The island was located somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, but I’m disclosing its location, since I want my identity kept secret too. He owned it as a vacation spot, and I remember it being a great pride in the family. I used to sit with my brother on a small peninsula of flat rocks that jetted out about 50 feet into the ocean, and the water was about 20 feet deep at the end. We would sit there all day, just talking and watching [SPAM] of wild dolphins catch fish and play around. Nobody else was on the island except my family. Then things got ugly. I was 23 when my Dad and Brother died in a jet crash. In his will, my father left me $5,000,000 and the island. I didn’t actually want the money, so I spent it to renovate our pride to be a tourist attraction. I spent money on a few jetties, a store, a nice luxury spa, and of course, a shark proof net to surround parts of the island. I also hired a man to drive a ferry from the Florida coast. However, this isn’t very important. All that matters is what happened to me there. A quarter of the island was my private property, the area my father owned when he was alive and was now mine. I didn’t allow people to swim in the area or come through the gates I had set up. However, that was fine since they had the biggest part. I just made sure I got the part with the peninsula all to myself. I would go there at the time the tourist level was high, since the caretakers of the island claimed they couldn’t control the surge of people. So between May and July, I would stay on the island. I would clean it, check the shark nets, watch over the tourists, control the income of supplies, speak at meetings, and live in a small condo that we used to stay in when my father was alive. With that out of the way, I should probably tell you about what happened.I had awoken one morning to clear skies and calm waters. This was the perfect chance to go for a dive, I told myself. After heading down to the restaurant for breakfast, I went to the rental shop where tourists could get supplies for diving. I got a double gauged oxygen tank, with a blue wetsuit and some flippers. I headed to Jetty 5 on my private land and dived in. The water was very transparent that day, which was a major blessing for me. The marine life in the area was stunning and usually the water would be just murky enough to miss it. I dove down to about 40ft when an idea hit me. The net was probably in need of checking. So that’s what I did. The black nets that surrounded the area were about 1 inch thick and were harvested by hooks and buoys. Sometimes sharks were caught, but I was trained to release them. Today, though, things would change. I swam around the bottom curve of the island, checking the traps. As I got closer, I noticed the net was vibrating and rustling violently. I looked up ahead and saw that there was something wiggling in the net up ahead. Cautiously, I swam below, expecting to find a shark. But what I did find was deeply saddening. There, stuck in the nets and fighting for its life, was a wild dolphin. “You poor thing”, I said to myself into my mouthpiece, “You don’t deserve to be trapped like the sharks.”I still swam cautiously, since most of the time a wild dolphin can be just as dangerous as a shark, if not more so. Its head was caught in the nets and the dorsal fin was tangled in another part. I couldn’t see whether it was male or female. As I got closer, the dolphin turned her head (I saw it was a she when I noticed a smaller head or melon) and looked me straight in the eyes. She opened her jaws and let out a low creaking squeal, a warning. Then she began to struggle again. Determined to save her, I reached for my knife I kept handy on my tool belt. I grabbed a hold on one piece of net above me, and then began to saw at a piece right next to her. Obviously surprised and blinded in fear and confusion, she snapped her head over and bit my hand. Her sharp teeth and strong jaws easily broke my skin. I screamed in pain and lost my knife to the murky depth. Luckily, I had a backup knife. Despite the pain of salt water in my cuts and the fear of my blood attracting sharks, I began to work again on the net. I first cut the net above her to release her dorsal fin, occasionally having to move away from her jaws, and then the ones wrapping around her side fins. She wiggled violently but got out. Satisfied, I watched her swim forward and up to get a breath. She stayed for a moment and then I expected she’d leave. But to my surprise, she came back down and swam right into the hole in the net! I was almost positive she was stuck again, but I felt relieved when she squirmed out of its hold. She swam though it and came back to where I was. That’s when I got a good look at her. She was a small dolphin, a little over six feet in length, not much farther than my 5‘11 stance. I guessed she was still young, yet most likely a mature dolphin. She didn’t have as many scars as the other dolphins I had seen. She began checking me out too, with her sonar. The pulse scanned me, feeling similar to a pins and needles effect you get when you sit on your foot, but all around my body. It tickled slightly, and I could hear it when it would hit my eardrums, making a soft beep noise. The feeling made my hair stand on end. She kept sitting there, right in front of me, beeping her sonar every so often. Her head would tilt if I was moved by the current, keeping me locked in position with her magnificent “sight“. Then she swam around me in circles, still beeping, to get a 3D view of me. Then she stopped once again and beeped me some more, curious about me and why I was here. I was getting tired of this, but waited patiently as she scanned me, as not to scare her off. After nearly 3 minutes, she stopped beeping and swam closer to me, about arms length away. I wondered if she would let me touch her. I slowly raised my hand, almost as if she was a menacing attack dog rather than this curious grinning sea mammal. I felt optimistic as my hand reached near her melon, but she ducked her head down to avoid my touch, yet she still kept her eyes on me. She let out a coo and turned on her side. There I saw she had an amazing scar. The scar was two thin lines intersecting to look like a cross on her pale grey belly, reaching from the bottom of her headline to near the beginning of her genital slit, with a horizontal line running between her pectoral fins. It looked just like the cross Jesus was crucified on. I just sat there, amazed, and wondered how she could have gotten this. But before I knew it, she swam off. She disappeared into the distance, swimming at a fast speed. I seemed to wake up from a daze. Why did this dolphin have a scar just like a cross? What could have done that? It certainly wasn’t a motorboat. But I viewed my oxygen and came to a frightening discovery that it had only about a quarter tanks left. Instead of swim to the surface, I turned around and swam the other way, back to a supply cave I knew about. I kept oxygen tanks there in case of an emergency. The cave was small with only enough height to stand and about 6 feet long and 6 feet across. The cave went upwards until you passed an overhang, and then opened up into it. I found the opening and swam upwards into the dark ring. With one hand still steering me, I used the other to feel the rocky surface below. When it reached an upward curve, I knew I was there. I climbed out of the tiny pool, wincing at the pain in my palm where the dolphin bit me. The extra weight stored in my wetsuit also didn’t help when I climbed out. It felt like my hand was forced hard onto jagged spikes by massive boulders. I removed my mask and rubbed the red ring around my eyes. Then I waved my hand around a bit, looking for the light switch I set up. The well-lighted cave had been light from the sun, but I felt better when the light I had was on. I found the switch and flicked it. A pale orange light illuminated the small cave. Still facing the pool with my feet lightly dangling in the water, I removed my oxygen tank and set it beside me. There were the extra tanks sitting in the corner but right now, I decided to rest a bit. Exhausted from the rescue, I fell asleep parallel to the pool. “Eeee!” I awoke with a start. A sudden squeal had scared me. I waited for a minute to be readjusted to the light, and then looked around. The cave lay empty. However, I turned to the pool and saw the dolphin, resting on her pectoral fins where the passage curved up. I saved this same dolphin earlier. I could see her magnificent scar in the dim light. She sat there, looking at me with those beady curious eyes, and kept cocking her head. My heart must have been beating a mile and minute. I was so surprised that she had just shown up and scared me awake! She still sat there, staring at me silently. I felt myself begin to smile a bit. She did look very goofy, with her pectoral fins resting on the edge of the pool, looking up at me. I spoke slowly and softly, as not to frighten her.“Hi there, friend. Have you come back to thank me?”“ee-aa! Not really expecting a response, I must have nearly jumped out of my skin as she made that quick squeak. I could have sworn she just said ‘yeah’. She began to make a chattering sort of laughing noise, which also made me half grin with delight and stare with amazement. Did she understand what I was thinking?I shook off the feeling and lay down on my stomach, my face resting on my hands by the side of the pool. She backed up, making a creaking noise in a low tone at me, warning me again.“br-br-br-br-br-br-brrr-brr-brr-br-”I shrugged a bit. She was wild; I couldn’t expect her to want to be face to face with me.“Well, you’re welcome. It’s what I do. Just keep an eye out for the net next time, ok?”The dolphin cocked her head and sat silent. She was still checking me out.I laid my hand with the bit marks in the water. I expected her to leave, since she knew I had said, “You’re welcome.” Yet she decided to stay. I was fine with that, though. She had the island to herself. I was on the verge of sleep, half-dreaming already, when I noticed she moved cautiously forward, toward my hand, whistling softly at me. Then she stopped and began swishing her tail, to stay in place. Her black twinkling eyes, halfway out of the water, looked up at me. I took this as an invitation. I raised my head slightly so I could move my hand. The dolphin still kept her curious eyes on me, barely moving and watching me silently. Slowly, I extended my hand until it was about and inch from her melon. I optimistically spread my fingers, ready to stroke her. Yet to my dismay, she backed up away from my touch, squeaking faintly.“eee-ooo”My heart sank. If she had come close to my hand, why didn’t she want to be stroked?“Hey now,” I said softly “It’s alright. I wont hurt you, girl. I just want to touch you. That‘s all.”She looked up at me with those questioning yet cautious eyes and squeaked again.I was a little annoyed now. I knew, deep down, that she could understand me. Right now, she was just reluctant. Obviously, she had never been touched by human hands before.“If I wanted to harm you, I would have let you stay in the net, right? Come on, I promise I wont hurt you.”She looked at me, and then at my hand, thinking over if I was reliable. The dolphin then moved somewhat forward, and then stopped once again. Her breathing had increased and I noticed that she was shivering from fear. She let out a high-pitched whistle, pleading with me not to harm her. I felt saddened. She must have experienced a lot to not trust humans. However, why would she be scared of me? After all, I saved her life. How could she see me as a threat?That’s when I noticed my knife lying beside me.No wonder! She was scared I was going to hurt her with my knife. Feeling like an idiot, I grabbed it and tossed it near the back of the cave. “I am SO sorry, girl! I forgot that was there.”The dolphin seemed relieved yet reluctant still. She kept glancing from my hand to my face, scanning me in case of any sudden moves. I reached out once again. She still backed up, making low clicking noises again.I was distraught. “PLEASE, girl. I’m NOT going to hurt you. I promise.” I still spoke soft and slow. Maybe she’d trust me better if she felt relaxed.She didn’t move except for swishing her tail to the side, to stay in her spot. Maybe I was going a little too fast for her. I withdrew my hand; almost sure she didn’t want to be touched. Yet to my surprise, she swam closer to me, still looking at my hand and me. Now I was just confused. She wanted to be touched, but why did she keep moving away from my hand? I stuck out my hand again, slow as not to startle her, and waited for her to move closer still. The dolphin was just out of my reach.Slowly and steadily, she crept forward, making a choked squeal and shaking somewhat, begging me not to prove her wrong that she thought I was truthful. Patiently I waited, my hand extended, for her to reach me. She stopped and looked up, and I felt her scanning me again, fearful.“Please.”The dolphin decided to bite the bullet. Her eyes clenched closed and she still shook, but she swam forward quick to avoid her second thoughts. She went a tad to fast, and I had to move my hand back a little. If my hand had jabbed her melon at that speed, she would’ve been hurt and left. I switched to two fingers right when her head reached my hand. Almost instantly, she showed a change of feeling between fear and relaxation. Her eyes were closed but not clenched, and she shook only slightly. Her mouth began to gape, caught up in the good feeling. I rubbed my fingers along her smooth yet firm head, very gently, and felt her shudder a little. Her body drifted closer to me, to gain better access. There was no doubt that she enjoyed the feeling of being stroked. I enjoyed it too, rubbing my fingers slowly along her rubbery skin. I rubbed around her blowhole and down the side of her face behind her eyes. She began to gently squeal at a low sound, a bit like a moan. “rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”I lightly rubbed her dorsal fin with my palm. Her head rose up, almost as if she were a cat, totally loving me petting her. With her head out of the water, I raised my hurt hand and lightly scratched her beneath her rostrum while simultaneously rubbing her head. She kept giving off the moaning sound and would occasionally shudder. After about five minutes, she opened her eyes and backed off from my hand. I guessed she was ready to leave, which I wasn’t about to stop her. Instead of leaving, she moved up close to my hurt hand and titled her head. With the side of her rostrum, she stroked the wound, her gleaming eyes looking up at me and she grinned with that average grin all dolphins have.I was heart warmed at this gesture. She seemed to be thanking me for the petting, and apologizing for the bite. “Don’t worry, girl. It’s already healing.”I patted her melon once again. Then with a splash, I let her swim off.I smiled and watched her shadow disappear again. Then I rested my hands behind me and stretched. I grabbed my new air tank and put my mask back on. Finally, ignoring the slight chill, I dove into the water. I didn’t know where to go and hardly cared. I seemed to have met a new companion, and felt deep down that she would be back to see me. I was in ecstasy and the world fell away from me. All that mattered was she, having a bond after only knowing each other for a half hour and me. And just as I had thought, the bond would only become stronger.
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