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Candy was horny. With her boyfriend out of town for the week, she had spent the last few days pining for his huge cock in her. they had always had a great sex life. he was the most "creative" person when it came to sex. always coming up with new techniques. buying new toys for her. even using normal daily stuff to her her off, like wrapping a cucumber in cling-wrap and fucking her ever-ready pussy with it. she could still remember the way the cling-wrap created the incredible friction against her cunt walls.ahh.... she would always be grateful to him for all the exquisite pleasures she had received by him.....she missed him. in order to pass away her time, she decided to go online to surf for something new to surprise him with. after spending hours surfing through stuff they had already done, she stumbled upon an animal site. an animal sex site to be precise. her eyes grew bigger and her pussy wetter as she read stories of girls being fucked by their pets. she got even wetter when she saw pictures of them. girls being fucked by huge dog cocks. pussies being licked by long and rough animal tongues. snakes in girls pussies, their scaly bodies going places a cock could never go. girls in the water, being fucked by dolphins rubbery members. she got even hornier and started rubbing her throbbing clit when she saw videos of bondage and animals. the sight of seing a woman tied face down over a wooden contraption with her legs spread open, being fucked by a Rottie from behind, a smaller dog licking her clit from underneath and forced to suck another dogs throbbing, red cock was almost too much for her. she whipped out her biggest vibrator, turned it on max and slid it into her starving cunt. she took another smaller one, and turned it on to her engorged clit. with one hand, she pumped the big vibrator in and out of her slopping pussy, mentally begging for release. as she looked at the screen, she saw a new video being played. as she watched a woman slide a snake slowly into her, the snakes body rubbing over her clit, candy imagined the sensations that woman must have felt. a rough scaly body sliding continuously over her clit. the snake's flexible body in her cunt, its scales adding to the friction, its body going deeper and slowly curling itself. candy came with such a force that she almost passed out. when she finally came to, she decided to send her boyfriend an e-mail. she told him about the website and how she had gotted her self off. sending her love, she sent the e-mail. an hour later, after a few more orgasms due to watching more beastiality, she received his reply. he said he missed her with all his heart and cock, and that he had a surprise for her when he gets back. he left a few instructions for her to follow on the day he got back. with her pussy throbbing in anticipation, candy could only fantasize of what he would do next. the next few days passed in a blur of orgasms. days later, candy got herself ready for Alex's return. she shaved her pussy clean, washed herself up and put on her black edible bikini and leather knee high boots. at 3 o'clock, she went down to the basement. the walls of the sound proofed room was covered in all kinds of whips, vibrators, dildos, gags, blindfolds, hand cuffs, ropes, gadgets, and all their little sex toys. the room itself consisted of a few wooden posts and chains hung from the ceiling- all built to accomodate all the different body poses. she walked to the one of the walls and took off a blindfold and a ear-plug. she then walked over to one of the post. it looked like a narrow, padded bench with split legs and two holes near the middle of it. she spread her legs wide and cuffed them to the two table legs. bending over the bench, her body resting comfortably enough on the padding, she positioned her breasts into the two holes so that they were sticking out in the bottom. she rested her chin on a another raised piece of padding. she then put in the ear plugs and tied the blindfold. lastly, she tied one of her hands to a table leg. with both her sense of sight and sound missing, she waited, her pussy already dripping in suspense of what was to come.=================================alex opened the front door of the house and called out for candy. satisfied that he didnt hear an answer, he went back to his pick-up truck. snapping on the leash to the two dogs, he picked up a box with one hand and walked the dogs in to the house. he kicked the door shut and went straight down to the basememt. he was pleased to see his obedient darling bent over and tied. from the steps, he could already see a wet patch on her panties. grinning, he set down the box gently and tied up the tho dogs. smelling candy's musky cunt juice, they began to whine. Alex walked over to her and snapped on the handcuff on her free hand. when she gasped in sudden shock, he kissed her passionately. the entire week away from her body made his cock harden. as he slipped his tongue in to her mouth, she kissed him back even more aggresively. pulling back, he chuckled and went to work.=================================== the sudden shock excited candy even more. his kiss left her mind reeling and her body begging for pleasure. she felt his hand run down her back and a slight spank on her up turned ass. fingers slid up and down her thighs, so close to her pussy but never touching. the sight and sound sensation cut-off made her focus entirely on the sensation of his touch. his skilled hands left her for an instant before he began kneading her breasts. her hardened nipples ached for his touch as he flicked at them. then everything stopped. waiting, she wondered what the surprise was. a few moments later, she felt his tongue on her pussy, licking her through her panties. but after a while, she realised it wasnt his tongue. this tongue felt bigger and longer and rougher. within seconds, her panties had dissolved. it finally hit her. she was being licked by an animal. sensations shot thru her body. she felt its tongue slide into her pussy then out again. it licked her pussy, swiping its tongue over her throbbing clit. the roughness of its tongue was almost to much to bear. as it slipped into her pussy again, she felt another tongue licking her clit. "dear god... there's two of them", she thought. a surge of raw and intoxicating sensations shot thru her. it was almost too much to bear. as one tongue flicked over her clit over and over again, she felt the other slid deeper into her pussy. she felt its tongue curl slightly in her just as her body burst in ecstasy. the waves of her orgasm hadn't even receded when she felt another coming. as she came again, the tongues began to lick even faster, as if eager to lick every drop of juice that streamed out of her pussy. her mind began to float as she drowned herself in the pleasure of it. her pussy kept cumming till she felt like she was ready to explode. but as sudden as it started, the tongues stopped. the moments respite didnt last. she again suddenly felt a slight flickering at her clit. in an instant, she knew it was a snake. moments later, she felt a long body being placed on top her back. she groaned. the snake bagan to slide over her body, down her side. she felt a tongue flicking at the nipples and moaned even more into her gag. the tongue at her clit also stopped just then. but she felt a snake placed on her ass. as the body began to slide downward, its scaly body sent ripples of sensations through her. she gasped as she felt it slitther over her asshole, down to her pussy then bach up again. meanwhile, the snake at her breast began its move to her pussy. as it passed over her clit, the sheer raw sensation of its rough body sent her into an orgasm. she felt a brush of hands on her pussy just before she felt the snake's head going into her pussy. she knew Alex was guiding the snake in. her breath came faster as she felt the scaly body scrape over her clit and into her pussy. the friction against her pussy walls was so intense, she cried out in pleasure. she felt the other snake slithering over her body, the movement so sensously pleasing. she felt the snake going deeper into her pussy. her body shuddered in ecstasy as she felt it go deeper than anything before. just as the snake swelled itself a bit, the waves of intense orgasms hit her again. as she felt the snake begin its outward slid, its body moving over her clit, her orgasm reached its peak as she screamed out her torturous pleasure. when she finally came back to earth after soaring through the heavens, she realised that the snakes were taken of her. anticipation shot thru her. he wasnt done with her yet. that much she knew.========================hope u enjoyed my first ever story. do let me know if there is any interest for part 2. after all, neither dogs have had their pleasure yet. plus, Alex's friend from the local zoo just might be giving him a call . so...... 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