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This is a fantasy I had for quite some time now. It's sad that it'll never become true (unless I manage to find and open an Elven Gate), but I've rarely felt as content as when I have it.It's about a male Antro fox (if you click the link in my sig, you'll find some information about the Antros) making love to me.I'm lying in my bed, on my stomach, dozing. It's probably in the morning, I just woke up and enjoy the warmth and coziness of the bed before I get up.I feel him lying next to me, his warmth, his fur on my skin. He puts his arm around me, caressing my back and I sigh with content. He shifts closer to me and I feel his cold, wet nose touching my neck as he nuzzles me affectionately. He breathes deep, inhaling my scent and I can smell his erotic scent as well. Then he starts to gently lick the back of my neck.I turn to my side to face him and he keeps licking me while I caress him between his ears. He loves that.We embrace and hold each other closely, just enjoying the feeling of our bodies close. I let the fur of his back run through my fingers, move my hand down and start to massage the base of his tail. He murrs with content.He then turns me onto my back and licks my neck again. He looks at me with a playful smile and starts moving down, until he reaches my penis and gives it a few licks. Then he moves further down, sticks his snout between my ass cheeks and starts rimming my anus.It feels so wonderful and I start to relax under his licks.When he thinks I'm relaxed enough, he straightens himself up and I can see his penis, fully erect from his sheet and squirting precum. He grabs it, aims it at my anus and gently starts to push in. Once he's fully burried within me, he starts taking me. While doing so, he looks at me with a loving expression in his eyes.After some time, we both come in unison. He licks the cum from my belly and cuddles up to me again. This is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world, we just lie there, enjoying each other's closeness, his body warming me from the outside and his semen from the inside.We both murr in content and I wonder if I actually should get up today or just stay in bed with him all day.Hope you enjoyed my little fantasy as much as I did. Tell me what you think.
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