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Here you guys go...tell me how it is ok?So it all started out when i was joking around with one of my good friends, i sent him a picture of a dog mounting a girl, and he was laughing, and he said wow,thats just weird! I was like ya sure...(even though i liked it)so we got talking a lot and he said his dog named "Shanya" his mom wanted rid of her, immediately i saw this as my chance because i had no extra money to buy a dog at the time(i only had a male dog at the time so....yeah. so i thought about it and said what the heck!?! why not. so i got to know her and she seemed like a nice dog, and she was very playful little thing, (not so little though) i think she is a pit bull/German Shepard mix. so shes a good sized dog...ANYWAYS... So he said i could have her for free, so that night i took her home and never done much beastiality before(no penetration at least) i went around the web to look it up and make sure i was doing it right, well i found out she might be too small to slip my shaft in her. so i started working on loosening her up. i got some petroleum jelly on one of my fingers and slowly eased it into her really really slow. she didn't seem to mind, just readjusted her hind legs a little and whimpered. so i slowly started to finger her for about 10 minutes and stopped, she looked mad at me! so i tried fitting 2 fingers in and she didn't seem to like that so much!! but she got used to it, so that went on for a couple weeks because i didn't want to hurt her. so about a month later curiosity got the best of me and i started fingering her and got a massive boner(usually do anyways)so i grabbed the bottle of petroleum jelly and rubbed it all over my now massive cock. i slowly got to my knees behind her and she kinda looked back to see what i was doing and i slowly pressed my penis head into her tiny vaginal area. so far she was making whining noises, so i tried to be gentle to her young, virgin dog body. i grabbed behind her legs and slowly slid my 7 inch cock one half way....three fourths...AHHH there we go she took my entire 7 inches! it felt so good, it was such a tight fit from her vaginal pinkness to my red hot cock the lube kept coming out, so i applied more of the yellow substance. i slowly pressed my cock into her then a little faster, and faster and i whipped it out of her with a loud "POP" from the lube, and she turned around and i sprayed my juicy hot white cum all over her reddish brown fur on her back and side,THIS WAS THE BEST ORGASM I HAD EVER HAD IN MY LIFE! so quickly started licking it up, and cleaning me a little bit. i was exhausted, but i knew i had to clean her up(I'm kinda a germ freak) so i took her in the shower and started to spray her down and just the sight of her wet slippery pussy lips sitting there i couldn't resist, so i once again pounded her hot vagina. She was howling at the top of her lungs it was so loud, i might have guessed she didn't orgasm the first time? i dunno. again it was great so i washed her all up and we got out and i dried her off and i went to bed and she jumped right in with me and curled up into a ball next to me, and i though to myself, She truly does love me. i bet she was thinking the same thing. This post has been edited by <3Dog on Nov 9 2005, 11:10 PM
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