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Debra and Ben have been together for a 5 years now. oddly enough they met at a pet shop she was working there that day and Ben brought in his beautiful male chocolate lab named Faust, that was only a year old but very fiesty. Debra said hello to Ben when he came in and walked up to hand him a flier of coupons when the dog started sniffing her crotch .. she just giggled and push his snout away and fed him a treat. Ben's smile was for other reasons .. Debra was a beautiful girl but his mind went right to his dark fantasies of faust mounting her .. Debra didnt notice a buldge in his pants but they started talking more and on the way out Ben asked her out .. Now 5 years later Ben and Debra were married and his dark desires had matched her own when he walked in on them and she was rubbing the dogs cock. thats when she became Bens and fausts little private slut. But tonight Ben had a special treat planned .. As soon as debra got home from the store ben took her to the bedroom and helped debra remove her clothing and put a cute collar on her neck .. when it was on she was his little puppy .. she got on her hands and knees and licked at his feet .. he slowly took off his clothing and debra kissed his already hard cock knowing what was going to happen tonight... he called for faust who came running in panting and seen debra on her knees .. like an invitation he growls and goes to her ass licking it .. his nose rubbing her pussy as he starts licking and nipping with his teeth at the tender moist flesh .. debra moans as she spreads her legs wider and ben walks out of the room going to a spare room they dont use unless a guest is over .. but in the room is an adorable dog about 2 years old he bought at a shelter. sam a mixed boxer came running out of the room and towards the bedroom where derba was.. the dogs had met already so faust didnt stop his assult on the pussy still licking feriously and nipping at it .. debra surprised at the new dog looked up at ben when he smiled and grabbed her hair kissing her lips as he called sam over .. getting him to lay on his back .. tightening his grip in her hair and moving her mouth down closer to the dogs cock .. ban uses his free hand to rub the dogs cock playing with it till it grows and the pink cock slids out .. debra kisses it softly and gasps sharply when faust mounts her from behind suddenly his cock sliding into her pussy as he starts pounding in .. biting her neck and back as he hammers into her aching pussy.. Ben brings her lips closer to the pink cock and she takes it into her mouth sucking hard it growing in her mouth making her gag a little but continuing to suck hard .. her pussy still being drilled swaying her hips back as faust pounds into her harder his knot growing inside her making her scream. her scream is muffled by the cock shes sucking on, tasting the strange cum as she sucks harder , gaging on the lengh of it as she moves her mouth up and down faster her teeth brushing along as she sucks firmly , lips wrapped tight around it.faust grinds his cock in panting his tongue hanging out dripping his drool onto her back as he nips at her neck with his teeth .. he starts cumming inside her pussy, she feels her body trembling and waves of pleasure shoot over her body as she cums hard, she feels the knott in her mouth shoot down her throat sucking it hard as she takes it all in savoring every drop and licking the head clean as faust sllids off her and licks her pussy a few times. both dogs panting and debras mind lost in lust as she stays on her hands and knees panting hard. Ben picks her up setting her on the bed as the dogs go off for water.Ben just pets her hair softly .. " like the new member of the family?"Debra just smiles and pulls him into a kiss one of her hands moving to his hard cock. "next time i will surprise you and have a new member of the family f*** your ass and mouth."
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