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~:+: Part 3 :+:~It was the dream again...The long hot tongue thrusting up inside of her, driving her crazy. In her half sleeping state, she opens her legs wide and lets out a satisfied sigh. The tongue goes even deeper. It just Then her eyelids fly open. She looks down at the lump under the covers, the tongue still lapping at her dripping wet cunt. "Apollo!" she squeeks then throws back the covers and tumbles out of the bed. The arousal still throbs in between her legs as she stands there and looks at the dog. Apollo just looks back at her. If he is irritated that she moved away he doesn't show it. It just seems as if hes biding his time. Caprice points a finger at him, "No more." Then the buzzer for her alarm goes off. She reaches over and slaps it off, grabs her robe and heads to the shower still thinking about how she was woken up. It -had- been a wonderful way to wake up. If only she'd let him lick her a few more moments...But no, she had to put a stop to this. A dog couldn't be her lover! The rest of her clothes are tossed aside and she steps into the already steaming hot shower, immediately sticking her head under the water and letting herself relax.With her head under the water, she doesn't hear the bathroom door open. It hadn't been closed all the way so it only takes a couple of nudges from Apollo to get it open. He had gotten a taste of her again this morning. And he isn't finished yet. He eases up to the shower and noses the curtain aside slightly, poking his head around to examine her and where she is. Most dogs would shy away from the water, but being a Lab, Apollo was born to love it. And his new bitch is standing there. He leaps into the shower.Caprice had lifted her head out of the shower stream just in time to hear Apollo's nails clicking against the bathtub floor. She turns around and lets out a little cry, then begins to jump out of the shower. Apollo will have none of that. He jumps up and wraps his paws around her waste, tugging her back with more strength than she thought possible. It makes her slip on the slick surface and fall. The shower is a combination tub and shower, so when she falls she lands across the bathtub ledge on her stomach. It stuns her for a moment, stealing her breath. Apollo wastes no time. Her laying across the ledge like this is the perfect position. He mounts her. His front paws grip against the bathtub ledge on either side of her which gives him better leverage than usual. He begins thrusting. The unsheathed tip of his cock hits around her slit a couple of times. Then it finds its mark. With a mighty thrust, he is impaling himself within her.She opens her eyes wide when she realizes whats happening. But by then she cant move, and Apollo thrusts his cock inside of her. She sucks in a sharp breath and releases it in a slow moan. His cock begins growing within her. And keeps on growing. She begins to worry that he is going to rip her open. He is hard as a brick and continuing to thrust with all his might inside of her. The pace is so much quicker than a man's. And it feels so much better. Her body relaxes as the pleasure rides hight throughout her. His hot cock is heaven..making her pussy throb around him. With the hot water flowing across both of them, she drops her head in full submission to him. He pounds himself into her, his nails digging into the side of the tub as he goes harder and harder. The new sensations and large cock within her are to much. A loud cry of pleasure echos in the bathroom as she climaxes for her dog lover. It is an even better orgasm than the one he licked her to last night. She lays across the bathroom ledge weak and trembling.Then she notices something larger smacking against her with each thrust. Not knowing anything about how to mate with a dog, she doesn't realize what it is. His knot.It is thrust inside of her with a mighty push from Apollo. She lets out a cry from the pain. Apollo stills. Almost like he can tell she needs a moment. She slowly becomes adjusted to the large knot within her. He moves inside of her a couple more times. Then she can feel the warmth of his seed flowing into her. It feels so good, it brings her to another small climax as the cum drips out from her pussy and is washed down her thighs by the shower. Apollo gets off of her back, but he is not able to pull his knot out of her. She realizes that they are stuck and presses her top teeth down into her bottom lip. Well, it should go down like a man's does, right? It isn't always that big. The water is starting to get cold, so she reaches around and flips the shower off...Pulling a towel up and laying it over the shower ledge to lay against while she waits for his knot to go down enough to slip out of her. Thats when she hears her front door open....
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