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Jerry And Rhonda Our Second Time Well here it is another Saturday night and Rhonda and I are sitting in the living room planning our night, no one home but us and Randy; beer in the fridge, and a little herb for later. Rhonda has told me to give the dog a bath and to put socks on him like we had seen in some of the movies. She has told me that tonight she was going to fuck the socks right off of me and the dog. We were watching a xxx movie on the TV and starting to fool around with each other, I was playing with her nipples as she was sucking on mine. She had laid out several of our sex toys for use tonight. She had her monster dildo, a couple of strap-ons and vibrators. She was nibbling on my nipple as I loaded the pipe to smoke. After we smoked it we started to get serious about sex, I worked my tongue into her belly button as I worked my way to her sweet pussy, she was working her way to my slowly rising dick. I reached her cunt be fore she started to give me head, I washed her clit in saliva as I attached her slit. Getting her ready for the invasion of her pussy wrecker, meanwhile she was treating my hard on like a ice cream cone licking and sucking up and down it, her hot mouth giving me shivers of anticipation. As my saliva mixed with her female lube I reached over for her pussy wrecker (16” of rubber dick and balls) I started to work the mammoth head into her cunt, slowly at first with short soft jabs. As she sucked my tightening balls into her mouth I started to shove the dildo deeper and harder into her waiting pussy she was starting to have her orgasms one after another, I finally had half of the enormous fake cock in her bubbling cauldron as she shuddered through her first major cum. The pussy juice was pouring out and in my beard and covering my face. She moaned around the shaft of my dick, the vibrations of her throat almost set my raging dick off. As she renewed her assault on my cock I set to her gaping pussy with hard vigor, the dildo slowly disappeared into her expanded cunt, she screamed to me to shove it in harder and deeper to which I gladly consented. As I pounded the dildo in and out of her engorged cunt she sucked both of my balls in to her mouth and used her tongue to pop them around, this hurt a little at first but as she continued I could feel a pressure building up as the cum started to build. I had the dildo going so that I would shove it in as far as I could then teasingly pull it out till only the tip was still in her cunt lips. Then shove it back in as hard and fast as I could. Her pussy was starting to swell from the rough usage but she begged for more and I tried to oblige her. As she went into her orgasmic mode I pulled the dildo out of her pussy and rolled her around and put her legs over my shoulders, I plunged my hard purple headed dick into her waiting cunt, it went in to the hilt in one thrust, banging against the back wall of her cunt, I pounded it in and out till I couldn’t hold out no longer I shot my skuzzy load deep into her raging cunt to mix with her own copious fluids. After such an intense set of orgasms we just laid there for a while, we drank a few more beers and smoked another joint. Rhonda just laid there with her legs spread and both of our loads of cum seeping out of her battered puffy cunt. I got up to get some more beer and go to the can, I opened the bathroom door and out runs Randy who I forgot was in there. But what the hell it was her idea to have him cleaned up and ready if she so decided. After I went back into the living room, she was laying there moaning as he had went for her pussy and was busy lapping away at our mingled juices. She had reached down between her legs with both hands and was pulling her bloated pussy lips apart so he could get better access to her clit. That dog can move a tongue around in a way to be envied. Up and down her crack then plunge right into her pussy hole, evidently he remembered what she liked from the last time as she was rotating her hips and bucking her ass off of the floor. I watched as she start to have one orgasm after another. Randy just lay in the vee of her legs and lapped away at her sopping pussy never missing a stroke or a drop of cum juice so far . But Rhonda was building up to a big cum as her eyes rolled back and all I could see was the whites, she was screaming like a mad woman and her ass was arched high in the air as he buried hi snout and tongue in her love canal. She finally dropped to the floor and lay there quivering and twitching, her bald pussy was awash in her cum and doggy drool. Her lips had puffed out and changed to a deep red, Randy kept licking her pussy which just sent little tremors up and down her muscles. He took little nips at her erect clit, which caused her to have spasms with every one. Rhonda started to roll over onto her hands and knees and made as to get up, saying she had to go to the bath room, but Randy stuck his snout back in her boiling pussy again which caused her to slump back down moaning onto her elbows and knees leaving her cunt at the perfect angle for the dog who was busy lapping up and down her cum filled crack. As if on a signal he suddenly reared up an landed on her back and started thrusting his hips, his dick was already protruding about 6 inches from his sheath, he left little drops of precum as he missed his target, I could see that her cunt was already open and wet, as it glistened in the light. I reached out and was about to guide him in but the pointy tip of his doggy dick started to go in the rose petals of my sluty wife’s pussy. As if the heat of her cunt was a homing signal he drilled forward putting his dick all the way in to his balls, he started fucking her now with many fast and hard thrusts. I could see his knot starting to form at the base of his dick, it was going in and out of her dripping pussy, his precum mixed with her lubrication was streaming out of her pussy, drops falling off her erect clit and little rivulets down the sides of her leg to form a puddle on the rug under they’re beastly union. Rhonda was moaning for Randy to fuck her harder, faster and deeper , her naked body was glowing with a red flush that was rapidly spreading from head to toe. Her muscles were quivering as orgasm after orgasm racked her lust crazed body. I got into position to get a birds eye view of they’re coupling. His dick looked to be longer than my 9 inches and definitely thicker, I watched with awe as his knot went in and out of her steamy pussy; parting those deep red lips as it went in and watch them collapse as it came out. Randy was fucking her like she was his bitch, little growls came from deep in his throat, and he sometimes grabbed the hair on the back of her neck and pulled back on them. This caused her to buck back into his pounding dick. The precum was seeping everywhere around his throbbing red shaft. He slowed up a little and the knot was outside her pussy, it seemed to be growing larger, almost the size of my fist. She yelled at the dog to fuck me, fuck me good! Randy as if to answer her plea reared back and with one mighty thrust rammed his dick and knot forward in to her love canal, he firmly planted the knot inside her. She let out a scream and shouted, I thought he hurt her but she just started yelling more, more, more, give me more! His knot was firmly embedded in her cunt now and as he was thrusting, it didn’t come out of her now. As he was thrusting her knees were leaving the floor and she was grunting and groaning and begging for more. She moaned that it was growing, that it felt even bigger than the first time we had did this. Suddenly he shoved forward with a howl and then he hardly moved as he shot his load deep in her womb. You could see his balls start to shrink as he emptied his load. He just stood over her body and panted, then he started to turn around but his dick didn’t come out, he was tied good this time with her. Her clit was sticking out all hard that I couldn’t help myself I crawled under her and started licking it as fast as I could, she came a couple of times as my tongue batted her clit back and forth, there was some seepage around the dog’s knot but I was so far gone I didn’t care plus I had a birds eye view of the dog dick in her cunt. Randy decided to go for a stroll now that he was done fucking and started dragging Rhonda with him she howled about it till I got him stopped and sit there rubbing his head till his knot went down then he pulled out with a popping sound and doggie cum went every where. This time she got to the bathroom her legs were a little shaky but she made it, on the way back she grabbed a couple beers and we lay on the floor and cuddled. She reached over and started kissing me and playing with my hard on. Soon we were carried a way and she rolled over on top of me and we started screwing with her on top; she was riding my dick like it was on fire. No need for any lube with all the doggy cum in her cunt. I was nearing an orgasm as I felt something licking my balls and her ass cheeks. It was Randy and the extra sensation of his tongue caused us both to cum. But Randy was not to be denied, he reared up and landed on her back, before we could do anything his dick slipped into her ass hole, she yelled not my ass, not my ass! But it was to late my dick was in her cunt and he had no other hole to hit. Her weight and the dogs was more than I could move all I could do was lay there and enjoy with my renewed hard on, she was wiggling and trying to get away but she was trapped as was I (we used to do 3 and 4 some’s when we were younger) I was wondering what would happen when the knot started to swell, it was already in I could just feel it in her anal canal. She had already got into the rhythm of his thrusts and her cum was trickling down my balls as she came again and again. Randy started to speed up his thrusts and I could feel her pussy tighten up as his knot started to swell, oh god what a feeling, neither of us had ever had any thing like this, as his knot swell it cased her pussy to tighten up on my dick, the cum was rising from my balls and hotly out into her waiting cunt, the dog at almost the same time drove his full dick into her ass as his knot had swelled to its biggest size and the three of us were tied until he was done. After a while he finally went down enough to pull out and the dog cum in her ass poured down on my empty balls and wilting dick. It was great but I bet we don’ do that position again but who knows. Randy proceeded to lick her spasming cunt and ass for every drop. As he was licking my smutty wife started to cum again and the dog was starting to get another hard on , I wish I could do that, but all I could do was watch. She slowly got back onto her hands and knees, but this time the dog licked her pussy a lot longer and got his tongue in deeper and further in than before as if in no hurry to proceed. He licked for awhile longer but he finally stopped and prepared to mount her as he reared up you could see his proud hard on sticking out from his belly. He landed on her back and started humping away his dick sliding up and down her swollen crack. Finally he hit his target and it slid right in, his ass looked like a jackhammer, back and forth so fast almost a blur. He seemed to be frantic this time as he was rushing into her cunt like lightning; the cum was making a small puddle under her not as much as the first time earlier. I watched as he thrust his knot into her one last time, she yelped like a female bitch as his knot was almost to big this time, it was a lot bigger than the other times, luckily she had plenty of lube in her cunt this time as he tied immediately with her and he was reallypounding it to her , almost like he was in a race. Rhonda was howling and screaming at the top of her lungs as he pounded her pussy. He started to get frantic as he pushed her across the carpet she’ll have rug burns tomorrow . He finally lunged forward as if to get the tip of his dick into her womb, she yelled that he was filling her up (god I wish I could cum like that dog). He just stood there and shook and whimpered a little I think he was finally done for tonight. He lay on her back with drool forming a puddle on her back, neither of them moving much as if to tired to do anything. He finally lost his last knot and pulled out with a slurp and he crawled of to his bed a lay there licking his self. I played with her pussy a bit but it was so sloppy and wet that even swollen by lust my whole hand just sunk in, I had got hard again so I moved behind her and jammed it into her pussy, but because of the dog cum and the stretching from his knot it was a sloppy fit at best. I was so hot from the doggy show that it didn’t matter I shot my small load in about 5mins. then we just laid there and fell asleep to tired to move. .PS over Memorial day weekend we are dog sitting the neighbors Great Dane and she already hinted that she would like to try him on. Oh Boy!!!!!!!!!
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