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While I’m sure that my girl loves me, sometimes I think she may love our large male Labrador Jack even more. She is besotted with him and is constantly stroking his soft silky coat or spreading her thighs so he can stoke her smooth slit with his long pink tongue. I swear that if I wasn’t so good at helping them get together she would dump me and just curl up with Jack. Now I like dogs but I love watching a fit tight brunette getting mounted by a big frisky Lab and that’s why life is so good for me. Take last week as an example…I had just gotten home from another long day at work and I was looking forward to crashing in my favourite chair when I heard the tell tale signs of another erotic adventure in the lounge. Jack was growling and barking his playful, “I’m going to f*** you” sounds, while Jess was groaning and begging him to hurry up and f*** her. I slammed the door and quickly hurried into the room to see Jess on her knees, back arched, naked as the day she was born, hand between her legs spreading her lips so that Jack could get his tongue into her hot slit nice right on her clit. Jack barked and wagged his tail at me before once again energetically licking her sticky wet pussy. She moaned and looked up at me with a naughty grin and said “Hello darling, just in time to sort me out”I have seen her like this many times before but the effect still gets me every time. My penis swelled immediately as I looked down at my little woman getting a good licking from Jack. That dirty dog was getting all the fun and I had had none! Jess is all of 25 and the dirtiest girl you will ever meet, slim hipped and small breasted she just can’t seem to get enough of her pussy being licked either by me, Jack or one of her girlfriends. I quickly striped off my clothes and got down on their level to lend a hand. First I gently pulled Jesses bum cheeks apart to give Jacks long wet tongue the freedom to slide from Jesses clit, over her sopping pussy, across her soft skin and up over her little asshole. She gave a little squeal of delight as his wet tongue did the first full lick. I could see that Jacks pink penis was peeking out of his hairy sheath as his wet nose burrowed into her ass while his slick tongue kept licking her slit. Jess was almost panting now, chanting “yes,yes,yes” under her breath like a prayer. Every so often Jack would stop licking her and give himself a lick or two and that’s when I would run my hand through her sticky slit to check how she was doing. I decided that she was almost ready for him, almost…I pulled the little table that we use into the centre of the room and positioned the cushion on it to protect my love from the worst of Jacks savage thrusting. Then while she positioned herself on it I helped Jack into position behind her. By now Jack is very familiar with the procedure and needs almost no guidance, as soon as he sees that she is on the stool (and providing that he is in the mood) he takes very little coaxing to mount up. That day he must have been super horny because as soon as he realised that Jess was in position he practically leapt onto her back, thrusting his hips and scrabbling with his paws for traction around her hips as he thrust at her. Jess was holding the table tight as Jack’s hot dick searched for her entrance, she cried out as he stuck home. He quickly shifted his grip and hammered his fleshy penis deep in her. God what a sight! A gorgeous woman getting nailed by a beautiful dog! I had my dick in hand and was stroking in time to this exquisite animal lust. He was pounding her like and express train and she was eagerly crying out for him to f*** her. From her cries I could tell that she was close, all that licking and it doesn’t take long for her to cum when she feels the soft fur on her back and that hot shaft in her pussy. At the height of her passion she even reached back as if to try and pull him deeper into her, arching her back in ecstasy, so that his knot was deep in her. She normally doesn’t like to be knotted, she saves that for her heaviest and horniest moments and that night was one of them. By now Jack was deep in her and had stopped thrusting as his swollen dick as it began to pulse away in her fiery little pussy. Jess looked up at me with an expression of pure heaven, I stepped forward quickly putting my dick between her lips just as she groaned. Time for me to get a little pleasure after all he was my dog and so far she was getting all the benefits! I will tell you one thing - Jess sure does know how to make a man happy, she is expert at taking just the head in her mouth and jacking the shaft at the same time, then taking your cock deep in her mouth and then out again until you think you will collapse with pleasure. On and on until you can stand it no more and let me tell you I was close to cumming on more than one occasion but I wanted more, I wanted her, so I held off until Jack, tongue lolling, slipped off her back as his shrinking penis slipped from her well greased pussy. As I saw this I moved round and took his place, easily slipping my dick into her slit which was super lubed with slick hot doggy cum. Jess that sexy vixen gave a cry of pleasure as she felt my engorged cock filling her battered pussy. I began to pound her just like Jack had, with full powerful strokes that brought gasps of pleasure from her with every thrust, grinding into her, taking her higher and higher as my rigid cock slammed her cum filled pussy. Jack who had been standing there with his still engorged cock shooting the odd dribble of clear cum on the floor moved round to her face and licked her flushed face and neck as I continued my relentless thrusting. God it feels so good to f*** a pussy that has just been filled with doggy cum, I like to think that it is the special lubricatng qualities of the doggy cum that makes it so good! I started to cum myself, I slammed myself into her one last ragged time as I shot my load deep in her adding my own gooey mess to Jacks deposit. She likes it when I cum in her, because then Jack spends about half an hour trying to get it all out. She lies there with her finger on her clit rubbing herself to climax after climax as he licks her slowly oozing pussy. Very erotic.So as you can see I can’t really complain, sure she gets the best of both worlds, but I do alright and that’s more than I can really ask for.
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