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Ok so here goes' bear with me as I am trying to write this as best I can. And this is all from memory as it happend years ago. I was a much younger man, and loving life being the normal guy, spent most my time playing with my car instead of being in class. My neighbor hood was a fairly quiet one in the older part of town. My house was a 2 story, plus a basement, the top floor made into a seprate loft apartment. It was finally summer time and there was a new girl moving in upstairs. She was breathtaking, 5'4" and barely 110lbs soaking wet. Long dark hair and perfect chest, not to big, but smaller and perky, the way i love them. Her name was Kristen. Kristen and I fast became good freinds, wich was easy seeing as she was only a few years older than I and new to the local university. We would talk and get drunk togather for hours, useually it would end up with her and i falling asleep in her bed togather, but never having sex. i felt I was caught in the terrible "Freindzone". This went on all through the summer, until just before school started up again. It started when I was suposed to be at a freinds house for the last week of summer and my parents off enjoying a bit of alone time. Kristen was watching my dog Saxton for me. I ahd come home to grab a few things from my room. I walked downstaris and heard some muffled noises coming from my room. I quickly wnet to the side of my door frame where i had drilled a small hole(unnoticable unless you knew it was there) wich i could use to see out if some one knocked at my door, well it works both way's i could see in too. At first all i could see was Saxton humping something, wich wasnt unuseuall, he useally tried to hump my bean bag, seeing as it smelld like sex since that was what happend in it most. I almost just wlaked right in when I heard Kristen say something, but it was muffled and I couldnt hear it. I started to thnik she was getting a laugh at saxton humping a bean bag, untill i saw a flash of flesh underneath saxton. I slowly opend the door a few inches so i could see better, and man what a sight. At first i wasnt sure what to think, just stood there slak jawed. There was Kristen, wearing one of my shirts, and being humped by saxton!! I stood there in awe. She was really getting into it, moaning and just flippin out. I was disgusted at first, until i realized that I was getting a hard on. I couldnt beleive it myself. Then I thought i was goan die, Kristen turned her head back for some reason and saw me. She went instantly ghost white and almost cried. I closed the door and started to trun when something deep inside me made me go back. I wnet into my room and closed the door behind me. Kristen had a look of utter embaresment and terror on her face. She was kinda stuck where she was seeing as saxton had a good 20lbs on her, he was big for a lab. I couldnt say anything at first, she started to stammer out something about an excuse how the dog had mounted her when she was looking for my bong or something, but i knew it was a lie. I simply said that I loved her and she got suprised. I wasnt sure why i said it, or even aware that the words came from my own mouth. She looked at me and said "What?". " I love you and always have" still not sure that it was my mouth speaking. I didnt have time to say much else because she went rigid, later i figured out it was because Saxton had just cum in her. When Saxton dismounted i sent him outside and sat down next to her, she began crieing and i held her. I told her that i didnt care that she had sex with saxton, i just wanted her to be happy and wanted it to be me that made her happy. She kissed me and said thta she loved me as well. Admited that she had loved me since the first time we fell asleep togather. I laid back on my bed and fell asleep, i awoke with her curled up next to me and sleeping. I went and sat in my garage thinking, till i realized that seeing that had turned me on more than anything. I went and woke Kristen up and asked how long she'd been doing it, she said she had been mateing with dogs for 3 years. I asked her if i could watch again and she almost fell off the bed. She said that next time she would rather me be involved, she said i was her man now and i had to be there, so i did. Kristen adn I were togather for almost a year, until she got pregnant with my child and had a miscarage, she was so depressed over it that she decided to move back home and we simply grew apart. Ive never met another girl that share's my intrests, but I hope to someday soon.Thank you for reading this, hope you like it, remember it's all 100% true.
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